There is a Reason Porsche Drivers Don’t Take the Train

A lot of people crash Porsche’s. Heck, in the 80’s, the first 911 Turbo’s were called "doctor killers." These cars can be a handful in inexperienced hands. But what if you weren’t driving when your new Porsche was totaled? What if, in fact, nobody was? That’s how a few future Porsche owners must have felt when they got the news that a European train transporting 106 of Porsche’s finest sports cars (including theirs) collided with another train at high speed!

Though only 20 of the cars were officially totaled, I’ll bet not one went to their future owner. The chance of something getting jolted off the car or something in the car breaking is just too great to release these cars with full factory warranties. Though no one was killed, it took a crew of more than 100 people to clean up the mess. The damaged cars are unfixable, and the cost of this little accident has already climbed to more than 1.2 million euros, and that just covers the cost of the Porsche’s!


Ouch, Mr. Conductor…you’re fired!