Suzuki Reveals July Sales Numbers

This weekend, the American division of Suzuki came out with its numbers for the most recent month of July. An August 2 press release gives details of a year-over-year rise of 25% in month to date numbers, and a 17% rise using year to date sales. The numbers represent part of a ten-year annual sales increase for the company. Suzuki America is based in La Brea, California – as a subsidiary of the Suzuki Motor Corporation, it’s been offering vehicles for the North American market since 1963. With only about 300 dealerships around the country, Suzuki still manages to keep its vehicles in the public eye, and the most recent numbers show that lots of American households are attracted to this brand.

In model-specific sales numbers, sales of the company’s Equator truck nearly doubled. Sales for the SX-4, a midsize crossover, made similar gains, while the Grand Vitara experienced less robust sales, and actually dipped in July. As for the XL-7 and the Forenza sedan, sales were merely a blip on the radar in terms of volume. However, those who are looking at the North American car market of the future shouldn’t count this obscure manufacturer out: when it comes to quality, Suzuki manages to compete with the big sellers in a lot of key ways.

When you’re evaluating the various brands available at your local dealership, think about the overall reputation for excellence that will help your used vehicle to keep a reasonable resale value. Other things to consider include current incentives and financing deals available through a particular auto maker, and up-to-date pricing based on supply and demand. Supply issues for large sellers like Toyota and Honda have created specific market conditions for today’s car buyers, but these situations are likely to change quite of bit in the future. It makes sense to consider a buy from a smaller car maker like Suzuki against the backdrop of the larger car market. Use the information that you can find from manufacturers, as well as key pricing details from consumer sites like Kelley and NADA, to get the best chance of negotiating a bargain with local dealers and private sellers alike.