GM Touts New Models and Features for 2012

American auto maker General Motors is expected to deliver new models and features in 2012 that will help the company stay competitive and dig back out of the tough financial situation that GM found itself in beginning in 2008. According to a press release dated August 4, General Motors executives have announced some key changes for the Cadillac and Buick brands that they hope will bring more customers to their door.

For Cadillac fans, there’s exciting news about an XTS large luxury car, as well as a compact model, that experts are saying will complement the existing lineup for this badge. GM is investing over $100 million in its Canadian operations, hoping to launch these two models in 2012.

The new Cadillac compact car, which is code-named ATS for now, is supposed to launch next summer. GM is hoping that the rear-wheel drive sports car model can compete with BMW and Audi cars in this market segment, while providing jobs to many Americans in a time when they need them most. This is also exciting news for loyal Cadillac buyers who want more variety at their local dealer’s lot.

Coming up with new Cadillac models isn’t all that GM has been doing, either. Executives also detail a system for the Buick Regal called eAssist, where regenerative braking charges a 115V lithium-ion battery. This energy efficiency product, in conjunction with a 2.4 L Ecotec 4-cylinder engine, is likely to really improve bottom line mpg for the Regal and promote its fuel savings as customers are turning out in droves for fuel-efficient vehicles. The Ecotec engine, which will also be used in GM’s line of fuel-saving Chevrolet cars, is a major design coup for the manufacturers, and coupled with the eAssist technology, GM staffers are claiming that this car can “pay for itself” within 4 years. Whether drivers can get that much benefit out of the vehicle remains to be seen, but it’s clear that those who buy the improved Regal get a whole lot of the newest technology for leaner, greener transportation. Look for specific mpg information next year as these models become available. Be sure to also check for a range of rebates, incentives and financing offers GM is expected to use to reach out to new customers as well as loyal GM drivers.