Tata Motors Plans to Sell 80,000 Nano Micro Cars by March 2010

Indian auto manufacturer Tata Motors has recently unveiled its expected sales for the upcoming Nano micro car. The company wants to have 80,000 of these little cars on the streets by as early as March, 2010. Though production of the tiny Nano has been riddled with problems, including protests at the site where the Nano would be built, Tata Motors stays optimistic about meeting its goal.


The protests at the West Bengal facility have forced Tata to move production of the Nano to its main Pantnagar facility. A second plant in Sanand should be ready by March, where the car’s main production line will eventually be moved to. This has caused some setbacks, but nothing that would impede production.

Next up for Tata will be a diesel version of the tiny Nano. The diesel should be available some time in 2011. The car’s standard gasoline engine makes 33-hp from a 625cc twin-cylinder arrangement. Also in the works for future Nanos is "luxury items" like air-conditioning and an automatic transmission.

Source: AutoBlog

Photo: Tata Motors