Taurus SHO Sweetness to Be Reborn in 2010 With 365 HP, AWD

Is that a new toy car in Ford CEO Alan Mulally’s pocket or is he just happy to see us? Yes, after an 11-year absence, Ford is finally planning to release a new SHO version of the Taurus. For you landlubbers, that’s an acronym for super high output, and this one definetely looks like it will live up to the moniker. The new model was unveiled at last month’s Detroit Auto Show, and according to an article, will be sure to impress Taurus fans everywhere.

The original SHO that debuted in 1988 was a breath of fresh air for consumers sick of scaled-down versions of their favorite cars after the last recession. However, in retrospect, when you see that original SHO riding down the street today, all you notice is a partially legible logo on the back bumper. Not so for the new model.

The Taurus is to be re-incarnated with show-stopping looks and performance that will be comparable to BMW and other high-performance sedans. With a price tag of $37,995, it’s a bit steep for a Ford sedan. But once you look into it, you see where the extra cost has been applied. The 3.5 liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6 will give you plenty of horsepower where you need it, all while pretending to be good for the environment. You’ll even get a little logo that proclaims you’re (sort of) a part of the clean-fuel revolution. Add to that a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission and all-wheel-drive, and you’ve got the makings of a great sedan. I mean, the thing even has suede-leather seats!

We’ll have to wait until test-drive results are in, but if you’re looking for some American class with some balls, keep your eyes peeled for the SHO in the near future.

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