Hyundai Will Pay Up to Three Months of Your Car Loan While You Find a New Job

Starting Sunday, all new Hyundai cars will come with Assurance Plus, an upgrade to the company’s popular Assurance program. Hyundai buyers already had the option to return their car if they became unemployed for a variety of reasons. Now they will have the option of having up to three months of their car loan covered by the program while they look for another job.

Like the basic Assurance program, customers will be eligible for the three months of car loan payments after they have made two regular payments on their loan. The program covers buyers for one year after the initial purchase.
In our story on the WALKAWAY protection program, we reported that Hyundai was planning to offer customers the option to upgrade their coverage.  It turns out that Hyundai’s Assurance Plus will be free for all buyers from Feb. 23 to April 30, 2009.
The Hyundai Assurance program has been a huge seller. While the auto industry saw a 40% sales decline in January, the first month Assurance was offered, Hyundai’s sales went up 14%. 


Hyundai Genesis picture