The Best Subaru You Can’t Have

Subaru’s have been in the background of the automotive landscape for quite some time now. Though stand-out cars like the WRX and Outback models have helped the company move closer to the front of the spotlight, it seems most people you talk to have never owned a Subaru and that’s a shame. Why, you ask? Because Subaru makes great cars. They’re reliable, safe and they all come standard with the company’s Symetrical All-Wheel Drive system.

Now, for the first time ever, you can pump diesel fuel into that famous Subaru boxer engine. Well, if you live overseas that is. You see, Subaru has released a diesel version of its popular Forester small SUV called the Forrester 2.0D, but you can only partake in its diesel goodness if you live in Europe. That’s because it won’t pass emissions tests in all 50 states here in the U.S.


It’s a shame really, because we get a lot more polluting cars here in the states to not allow this car to be sold here. A Subaru diesel would give the company’s line-up a strong alternative to the more fad-driven hybrids. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes and Subaru decides to bring it here.