The Rock Buys a Ford Edge for His Housekeeper

The Rock was just lamenting that no matter how great of a car a Ferrari is or how many he could afford, he can’t own one because his 260-lb frame just can’t fit inside. Maybe he realized how great of a problem that is to have and decided to spread the wealth, or maybe he just decided out of the blue to do something nice, but either way The Rock recently bought a new Ford Edge for his longtime housekeeper Esperanza.

The Rock posted this picture to Instagram of himself posing with Esperanza and her new Ford Edge with the caption: “For 10 yrs she’s cared after our homes with the love of a mama & an eagle’s eye. Just surprised, Esperanza with a new ride! #WeLoveU The shocked look on her face was priceless. #VeryCoolMoment”

As far as bonuses from your employer go, the Ford Edge is a great one. The 2014 Edge starts at $28,100, but can be as much as $45,800 when fully optioned. It’s not hard to imagine The Rock going all out on the gift SUV.


Image via The Rock on Instagram.