Toyota Considers Job Cuts in North America and the U.K.

Toyota insiders have reported that the company is thinking about cutting full-time workers from its North American and United Kingdom operations. This is just another reaction to the global economic situation which so far has seen Toyota having to suffer a 4% sales drop in 2008. U.S. sales in December alone fell a whopping 37% compared to last year!

The Japanese business daily Nikkei said Toyota was considering cutting up to 1,000 full-time jobs in North America and Britain. Though its source remained anonymous, the paper confirmed that the company would execute its plan by forcing early retirements and using other voluntary programs to ease off its workforce as the rising costs of sitting still get even higher. While many people speculated, Toyota was the first to let everyone know that it doesn’t know what it’s doing just yet.

"No decisions have been finalized," Toyota spokesman Mike Goss said in a statement. "However, current business conditions are not forcing us to make involuntary reductions of Toyota team members."

Whatever happens, it is a certainty that Toyota must cope with the ever-changing situation with a bit more vigor.

Source: Automotive News