Toyota Planning a Coupe Version of the Prius Hybrid

Toyota is planning on expanding its hybrid allure by planning to offer a sportier coupe version of the next generation Prius hybrid. The coupe would have a significantly lower roof line than the regular Prius and could possibly be a strict two-seater, though a 2+2 configuration is much more likely.

Though no official word has come out of Japan, the rumors are spreading like wildfire. A coupe version of the Prius makes sense because it can start to attract different demographics to Toyota’s hybrid models. A sports car hybrid could have people changing their minds if it’s convincing. Technical specs should mirror the regular Prius and will carry over its hybrid system almost unchanged with the exception of a small bump in displacement from its 1.5-liter engine to improve performance without sacrificing fuel consumption.

The coupe should be slightly faster though, as it will weigh in at quite a bit less than the regular four-door Prius. Both models should be out next year, with the regular four-door coming first followed by the coupe a few months later.

Source: Motor Trend