U. S. News and World Report Gives Dodge Ram 1500 “Best Full Size Pickup”

The 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 truck is getting good reviews from what some might see as an unlikely source for auto market ratings. The U.S. News and World Report magazine recently named the truck “Best Full Size Pickup” according to reports Monday. Not many consumers might think of the U.S. News and World Report as their source for consumer reporting, but details of the announcement reveal that editors built their opinion on the full variety of reviews and ratings floating around the print and web worlds.

What they found was that many reviewers praise this high-performance truck for a variety of reasons. Edmunds, a top auto review site, elaborated on the “design and ergonomics” of the cabin, as well as the strength of the chassis. Consumer Guide agreed, citing “impressive cabin trappings” and abundant power. Other sources touted the towing capacity of the HEMI-equipped truck, and some went into further detail on those impressive cabin trappings, pointing out all of the available storage options on the Ram 1500. Other prized features on this truck line include a coil spring rear suspension and available RamBox® custom storage area.

The Dodge Ram 1500 has tough competition: GM and Ford have both reported that their F-150 and Silverado lines continue to sell well in recent months. But if top consumer reports are any indication, many buyers are willing to consider the “third way” and evaluate buying a Dodge truck.

If you are one of many thinking about a purchase of this Dodge Ram truck, be sure to check on current sales and savings, as well as what it will cost you to finance in terms of interest. shows incentives from $1750 and up to over $4000 on select models for this truck line. For auto loans on a Dodge Ram 1500, Edmunds is showing rates as low as 0% for some trims, and 2.9% for others. These are subject to change in your area, so do some local research, and remember to shop around for low-fee, low-interest financing deals rather than just relying on a single lender to help you buy. Take advantage of market conditions and tip the scales in your favor to take home one of these winning pickups.