UFC Champion Jon Jones Drives a Custom Roush Ford Raptor

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones isn’t just the best hand to hand fighter at 205-lbs, he is also the owner of the best truck in the world. Jon Jones has a Ford Raptor, the offroad ready truck built from the Ford F-150 by Ford’s Special Vehicles Team. Jon Jones’ truck isn’t just any Raptor, it’s a Roush version, which has a supercharger and 590-horsepower.

Jon Jones has published a few videos of the Raptor as it progressed from stock to its current customized. Here’s a video Jon Jones posted of the Raptor shopping experience.

Once Jones bought the Raptor, a four door with the Roush kit, he started customizing it. Jones added a tonneau cover and tinted his Raptor’s tail lights.

Of course Jon Jones is a nice guy, so he doesn’t keep all of his money to himself. Jones bought a couple of pink Cadillac Escalades for a couple very lucky young ladies.

Here’s Jon Jones revving up the 600-horsepower engine on his Raptor.

Jon Jones also had his interior customized with LED lights.


Image via Instagram.