He Was Set Up! It Turns Out Justin Bieber May Not Have Been Drunk or Racing

Footage from Bieber’s supposed drag race shows the Lamborghini and Ferrari driving slowly along with the SUV that was reported to be blocking the road for their race.

Justin Bieber’s reputation may have finally started to catch up with him, in the form of unfair persecution by police officers. It turns out that Bieber’s alleged drunken street race was neither drunk nor a race. That’s right, the pop star that everyone loves to hate was under the legal limit and under the speed limit when Miami Beach police pulled him over last week.

TMZ has uncovered documentation that when Bieber was pulled over and the officer smelled an odor of alcohol on Bieber’s breath, his blood alcohol level was .014, less than a fifth of the .08 legal blood alcohol limit for adults and well under the .02 limit for minors. That’s a blood alcohol level that someone his size would reach in about one beer, according to TMZ.

But wait there’s more! The “drag race” the Miami Beach police supposedly saw Bieber participating in? It was at a fast and furious 27-mph, according to TMZ. No not 207-mph, which both the Lamborghini and Ferrari are close to capable of, 27-mph, three miles per hour under the speed limit. In fairness, Bieber and Crazy Khalil had reached speeds of about 55-mph, according to the GPS tracking units in both of the rental cars, but they were only seen at 34-mph in a 30-mph zone and were at 27-mph when they passed the area that cops supposedly saw the drag race. Not only that, pictures show that Bieber was driving in front of Crazy Khalil in the same lane. That’s not how drag racing works.


Image via TMZ video.