Volkswagen Routan Now Available With WiFi

Volkswagen announced this week that the 2010 Routan will be available with in-car WiFi, allowing passengers (or very talented drivers) the ability to use a laptop or portable gaming system from inside the minivan. Volkswagen says that 600 dealers nationwide will be able to install Uconnect web, powered by Autonet Mobile. Monthly subscriptions start at $29.

In-car WiFi could be a great feature. It could keep the kids quiet by letting them play their Nintendo DS online. A laptop-equipped copilot could check traffic or weather conditions and easily plan a new route. Unfortunately, I’m betting we’ll see headlines blaming Facebook and Youtube for crashes before too long.

What in-car WiFi will probably be best for is opening up the entire spectrum of Internet radio to your car. Want to listen to a Boston radio show from Miami? All you have to do is plug in your laptop and boom, you’ve got it. All those hours spent cultivating your Pandora playlist won’t be for naught as soon as you hop into your car.

If you’re laid off and need to cut expenses by forgoing rent in favor of living out of your car, the Routan is a great choice. You won’t even need to park next to a Starbucks in order to apply for jobs online. A spacious living area, decent gas mileage and now WiFi make the Routan the cheapest mobile home out there.

Volkswagen Routan picture