Volvo Reveals the Basic Shape of the Next S60

Good old teaser shots. They get my vote for the most annoying new trend in the automobile world. Instead of just showing us what they have planned for the near future, car manufacturers are now getting into the habit of releasing their new cars in small, excruciatingly painful to endure (ok, not that painful), little teasers photos that show something and nothing.

The latest company to join the game is Volvo. Yes Volvo, the company known as the pinnacle of sensibility and safety is now trying desperately to be trendy. The only problem here is that my argument is flawed. You see, lately Volvo has been making some sexy cars. The current S60 is a winner of a few design awards itself, but if this teaser is any indication, it’s about to evolve into something even more special. Taut, tight and athletic, the S60 concept shows a very pretty car. Though all we get is a dark shape bathed from the top in soft light, the car is plain to see.


Even more special is what’s in the car’s interior. The sketch below was released a litte earlier this year and it shows something that has never been done in a car before. The dashboard features a crystal center console that runs the length of the interior, mimicking a waterfall. It lights up too, featuring different colors to suit different moods. Though a bit over the top for current production, Volvo says you can expect a take on this feature in future Volvo products.


The next S60 is planned for a 2010 launch, so it should be badged a 2011. Volvo’s design department was sort of put on hold lately while the company restructured its business model and tried to steer itself back to profitability. The current S60 was released in 2000, so this new one will be more than a decade in the making. From the looks of it, the wait will have been worth it.

Source: Auto Week

Photos: Volvo Cars