Want a Corvette Stingray? Be Prepared to Pay $20,000 Over MSRP

The 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray is probably the most hotly anticipated car of this model year. Car lovers are anticipating the Stingray because while the Corvette has always been fast, flashy and definitely desirable, it hasn’t been a beautiful car since 1982 when the last C3 was sold. Car dealers are excited because the new sleek Corvette is sure to be a big seller and should bring in profits. Speaking of profits, some dealers are already salivating over the inevitable rush of buyers for the Stingray Vette and are planning on selling the first models at up to $20,000 over the suggested retail price.

Price gouging on a new model isn’t very surprising, but a nearly 50% premium over the MSRP is pretty extreme. Automotive News (via Autoblog) spoke to a Chevy dealer that was planning on upping the asking price of Corvettes over $20,000 over the retail price. Dealerships that focus on customer satisfaction for long term sales, like one in Colombus, OH that spoke to Automotive News and said “Guys who go above sticker – that’s a one-shot deal. These are customers who you’re going to see again, and they’ll remember that. I’m looking at the bigger picture."

The 2014 Chevy Corvette will have a $51,995 starting price, so a $20,000 price jump will put it in the $70,000 range. It’s hard to imagine picking the Corvette over a Lotus Evora or a Jaguar F-Type, but then again anyone willing to deal with a $20,000 premium on a Corvette most likely won’t settle for anything else.