When Can a Toyota Tundra Smoke a BMW M3?

When it’s equipped with a Toyota Racing Development (TRD) factory supercharger, that’s when. If you’ve got a current Toyota Tundra full-size pickup truck and feel the need for more speed, TRD has you more than covered.

Starting with a bone stock 2008 Toyota Tundra Grade two-door Regular Cab SB (5.7L 8cyl 6A), TRD speed doctors then add a roots-type positive displacement supercharger. Actually, this is the new four-lobe Eaton supercharger also found in Chevy’s halo car, the Corvette ZR-1. Blowing a modest 8.5psi into the 5.4-liter V8 nets you a jump from 384-hp to a sizzling 508-hp and 550 pounds of stump-pulling torque.

But here is where the fun part is. All that go translates to a 4.7 second 0-60mph run and a 1/4 mile time in the low 13’s. That’s serious sports car territory. Of course it helps that the new Tundra is equipped with a modern 6-speed automatic that fires off shifts in rapid succession, keeping that force-fed V8 on boil.

At roughly $6,000, this kit is not only a blower unit, but everything needed. It has a liquid-to-air intercooler, revised intake, reflashed engine control unit, larger injectors and even an upgraded fuel pump! It is a thorough and complete conversion, and the best part is if it’s done at your local Toyota dealer, it retains its factory warranty.

With all that go, you’re going to need to upgrade your braking hardware, right? No problem. A quick skimming through the TRD parts catalog will net you a $2,795 big brake kit. Four 16” dinner plate-sized disks on all four corners clamped by six-piston TRD calipers make sure you can haul the big truck from big speeds with ease.


Talk about the perfect sleeper. Since the package can be based on the basic single-cab, short bed Tundra, it can really catch people off guard. Could you imagine the look on the BMW M3 driver’s face when he can’t keep up with you?

Source: Inside Line

Photo: Scott Jacobs for Inside Line