Share Attempts to Sell the Public on Why Ford Should be Rescued

Ford has started a new Web site to convince the public it has turned over a new leaf and is on its way to profitability.

The site,, has YouTube videos on it from Alan Mulally, Ford’s CEO, and Mark Fields, executive VP, where they try to sell the public on the idea that Ford is worth saving and has many great cars coming out soon that will rival its foreign competitors.
They also talk about how Ford has made such great progress recently and that until the summer’s high gas prices and the following credit crisis, Ford was on track to greatness.
If you want to see Ford’s plan to Congress it submitted this week, there is a 33-page copy of it on the site too. It looks like a boring, lengthy read, but if you are a fast reader or good at skimming, it could be interesting.
Ford even encourages people to share the site with their family and friends. The automaker asks you to include the site in your email signature or contact your Congressional representatives and tell them to give Ford the billions it is asking for.
The site can be seen by some as desperation on Ford’s part, but considering the recent CNN poll that showed that 6 out of 10 Americans think the Detroit Three should not be bailed out, it seems like Ford’s new site is not the best marketing tactic it can use to convince the public to join its side.