Workaholic and Patroitaholic – Blake Anderson’s American Flag Jeep Wrangler

What goes perfectly with a bear skin coat? A Jeep Wrangler with an American flag paint job.

Blake Anderson, star of Workaholics, was spotted driving a very patriotic Jeep Wrangler to Chateu Marmont in Hollywood. Chateu Marmont is a luxury hotel catering to wealthy Hollywood residents, but occasionally they host parties that actors who don’t fit the glitz and glam stereotype perfectly are invited to. I think it’s awesome that the $30,000 Wrangler with a very loud American flag paint job was parked next to Bentleys and Rolls-Royces at the fanciest hotel in Hollywood.

Jeep never sold the Wrangler with an American flag paint job, so Blake either had the paint job custom made or, more likely, spotted it and just like his character in Workaholics with the bear coat, made an impulse buy. It’s nice to see when an actor still maintains a sense of humor about himself after he gets rich, and a novelty car is a perfect way to show that.

Images via Celebrity Cars Blog.