Zapatag Gives You a Public Outlet For Road Rage

If someone cuts you off in traffic, you’ve got a couple options. You can let it go and leave the anger to simmer inside of you for years until you become one of those old people who screams at the grocery store clerk for not carrying Moxie anymore.

You could also do what most people chose to, and respond by honking and swearing creatively so that all the drivers around you know that something mean has been done to you. That’s obviously the more fun choice, but it often leaves me feeling a bit hollow. In addition to being a total ass, this person could have caused an accident. A few well placed f-bombs won’t make it better.

Now there’s a solution. Zapatag lets you publicly vent about a driver’s traffic crimes. All you need is the license plate number of an offending vehicle and you can call someone out for everything from not using a blinker to drunk driving. You can also search the complaints by city and state to see what sort of shenanigans are going on in your home town.

Of course, you can also use Zapatag to post things about yourself.