Alex Rodriguez’s Maybach

Alex Rodriguez is recovering from hip surgery, his second, and wasn’t even announced on opening day. The Yankees weren’t spurning their star infielder, A-Rod didn’t want to be introduced while his injury prevented him from playing. He told

CBS Sports

“when I get introduced, I want to be on the field.”

Rodriguez may be suspended by the MLB for his involvement in the Biogenesis clinic, but says he isn’t worried about that. When he gets back into playing shape and rejoins the Yankees active roster, A-Rod says that “at some point, I feel everything will be good.”

A-Rod dated Cameron Diaz for a time and the two were seen using his Maybach for the post-workout drive home. If I had a Maybach, I would definitely not drive it home from the gym, at least not unless I’d showered first. Then again, if I had A-Rod’s money, I probably wouldn’t care about stinking up a Maybach with post-workout smells either.


Image via Celebrity Cars Blog.