Anna Kendrick’s Toyota Echo “Charlie”

Anna Kendrick didn’t let fame get to her head. She finally had to give up on her Toyota Echo named Charlie after ten years of service in August of last year (six years after she first appeared in Twilight and two years after Pitch Perfect, so you know she wasn’t hurting for money in that time).

Anna posted this picture of the car to Instagram with the caption “After ten years together I had to sell Charlie today. He was with me through a lot, played a lot of Guster when auditions went well, and Be Your Own Pet when they didn’t. He saw a lot of morning coffee runs and late night Taco Bell adventures. Farewell noble steed.”

Anna Kendrick’s Toyota Echo may be dead, but she hasn’t revealed what her new ride is. The Yaris, which replaced the Echo, starts at $14,430, so she can probably swing the monthly payments on one.