Chief Keef Arrested for Parole Violation, May Not Get To Drive His Lexus GS Much

Chief Keef was arrested for violating his parole this week.  Keef will be sentenced on January 17 for a parole violation after he held a gun on camera during an interview with Pitchfork Media, according to CBS News.  The 18-year old rapper Keef was on parole for pointing a gun at a police officer.

Chief Keef’s first album, Finally Rich, was released on December 18, 2012, so Keef hasn’t had much time to enjoy his newfound riches and fame.  The album features appearances by Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and 50 Cent. 

Chief Keef rolls in style when he’s travelling around Chicago.  The rapper has a new Lexus GS350 (nice to see that it isn’t a Mercedes S-Class or a BMW 7-Series, maybe Chief Keef will bring some more interesting car style to the rap game). Chief Keef’s Lexus GS has some huge wheels, I can’t tell if they’re 22s or 24s, partially because I’m bad at eyeballing wheel sizes and also because I haven’t seen many GSs in general, so I really don’t know how big the wheel arches are.

 *Correction: the article originally noted that Chief Keef’s car was an Audi A8, as, the original publisher of the photo, claimed.  It has been updated to reflect that Keef’s car is a Lexus GS not an Audi.

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