Jodie Foster’s Ridiculous Fight With A Cop

Jodie Foster made headlines this week by accepting a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes and coming out of the closet by saying that she had already come out of the closet to her friends and family. If you had a bet in on Bodog that Jodie Foster would come out, that doesn’t count, but you’d be out of luck anyway because Bodog was shut down and all of the money I had invested in silly prob bets like "Will Ford and GM Merge?" is now gone.

Like any respectable Hollywood person, Jodie Foster drives a Toyota Prius. Jodie Foster was pulled over in 2009 for driving her Prius 54-mph in a 30-mph zone. Instead of a normal traffic stop, that would normally go something along the lines of:

“Well ma’am you were going 54 in a 30, that’s pretty fast so I’m going to write you a citation.”

“Oh I’m sorry officer I must have lost track, here is my license, registration and proof of insurance, please notice the name on those is one of a famous actress, which is me” and then the officer, star struck, lets her go with a warning.

Foster’s police, however, were participating in a ride-along with the TV show Speeders and showed up with a full camera crew, which is rude and pretty low class, so Foster responded in turn. She claimed that she was not going 54 miles per hour in a 30-mph zone, she was going exactly 30 (pro tip: cops are not complete idiots, they know that the only people driving the speed limit are so old they’ve gone legally blind but don’t have to give up their licenses because eye tests only need to be taken once every ten years and people driving under the influence of reefer). Foster said that the officer’s radar gun must be wrong because she was definitely not speeding, according to After Ellen. No word on whether or not she followed up that hopeless argument by offering him a bribe and then when that didn’t work either, resorted to insinuating that if she could get a man that close to Reagan, the officer writing her ticket should watch his back.



Image via After Ellen.