Denise Richards’ Skinny Arms Aren’t Too Weak For Her Massive Cadillac Escalade ESV

Denise Richards was spotted recently looking very thin, and her especially skinny arms brought concern from some people who worried that she was too thin. A friend of Richards spoke to the Huffington Post and said that Denise was healthy and had not purposely lost weight.

Denise Richards drives a massive Cadillac Escalade ESV, and carrying around her two-year old daughter. As anyone who’s held a squirming kid knows, it’s not an easy task. The Escalade ESV is a 6,000-lb truck, not something you’d expect someone with an eating disorder to be whipping around town.

OK so the Cadillac Escalade has power steering, and doesn’t require massive upper body strength to steer, but Denise Richards doesn’t really look sickly, just skinny. It seems like famous people can’t fluctuate in weight at all without it becoming a story that they’re on an eating binge or have body dysmorphic disorder and are starving themselves.



Image via NY Daily News.