Dennis Rodman’s Military Would Be the World’s Most Flamboyant

Dennis Rodman might be the most outrageous NBA player in history. Meta World Peace’s (née Ron Artest) bizarre name change and Lebron James’ self-reverential TV specials can’t hold a candle to Rodman wearing a wedding dress to his own wedding. So it’s no big surprise that Rodman’s Hummer wouldn’t be a drab green military workhorse or even a blinged out symbol of ostentatious wealth, but a slightly bizarre, very colorful truck that you would not be surprised to see filled with champagne and exotic dancers, maybe even a parrot or an ocelot.

Dennis Rodman made a very famous trip to North Korea to hang out with the country’s leader Kim Jong Un recently. Hopefully Kim Jong Un takes some of Rodman’s style tips for his military’s paint schemes. I’d feel much better about the situation in North Korea if their entire military was driving around in trucks and tanks with naked ladies painted on the sides.

Dennis Rodman also has a black and gold Lamborghini Gallardo. As you can guess, Dennis Rodman’s car preferences do not run to towards modesty, so even something as wild as a Gallardo wasn’t flashy enough. The Black and Gold Gallardo certainly is flashy. Anything bad I might have had to say about the Gallardo has been forgiven because it’s BLACK GOLD.



Dennis Rodman Hummer picture via

Dennis Rodman Lamborghini picture via Celebrity Cars Blog.