Diesel Engine Technology On the Move: New Numbers on Diesel Sales

As auto makers across the industry scramble to add fuel economy to their lineups, it looks like diesel technology is going to be a major part of twenty-first century sales. We’ve already reported on how the move toward diesel is now a lot bigger than just the efforts of Volkswagen, the German auto maker that got out in front of the rest of the industry with diesel cars like the Rabbit, Golf and Jetta. Now other manufacturers are looking at diesel engines as a way to give consumers more miles per gallon.

A group called the Diesel Technology Forum is reporting that as of August’s close, diesel auto sales in the U.S. market seem to have increased by 37% over 2010. That’s contrasted to a total increase of about 10% for the overall auto market, and this shows that diesel technology is gaining ground on American lots. Citing numbers for the month of August, companies involved in a September 12 announcement mark diesel sales increases of about 20%, compared to 7.5% for the overall market.

Top staffers at the Diesel Technology Forum are noting some prominent reasons for the shift towards diesel engines in American vehicles. One is the near $4.00 spike of gas prices during the past year. Even though gasoline is back down to a relatively comfortable $3.50 range, consumers are still skittish about investing in gas-hungry vehicles that could take a lot of cash to fill up if any other unforeseen circumstances disrupt fuel prices. But there’s also other news on the horizon that’s driving the rush to more fuel-efficient vehicles. New governmental fuel efficiency standards are pushing 40 miles per gallon as the new rule for small vehicles, and a diesel engine block is one way to get a car that’s just below the bar into the range of full compliance.

With more diesel engine options coming out, die-hard fans of this alternative fuel source will be able to negotiate better with dealers. Look at all the model pricing, incentives and financing for each diesel offer in your local area, and you’ll be able to profit from comparison shopping that will get you a lower price and less debt on your next fuel-efficient vehicle.