DuJuan Harris’ Chevrolet Avalanche

DuJuan Harris is a kickoff returner and running back for the Green Bay Packers. As someone who throws himself headfirst at a full sprint directly into other men also at a full sprint, cars probably don’t hold much excitement for DuJuan Harris. So instead of buying a Ferrari like Victor Cruz and J.J. Watt or a Challenger like DeSean Jackson. Like Jared Odrick’s Fiat 500, Harris bought himself an ordinary car and avoided tens of thousands of dollars in depreciation.

DuJuan Harris’ car of choice isn’t particularly fast or exciting, but it is big and nice looking. DuJuan’s Chevy Avalanche is sitting pretty on what look to be 24 inch wheels.

Harris spent a week as a car salesman at a Honda dealership in 2012 before being signed to the Packers, so it’s a good bet that he knows nothing about cars but knows how to say that every car is “surprisingly roomy” and “gets great gas mileage without sacrificing performance.”


Image via DuJuan Harris’ Instagram.