Ellen Degeneres Drives a Faster Car Than You


Ellen Degeneres has a Porsche 911 Turbo, and you don’t*. Ellen, the quirky daytime TV host and former sitcom star and stand-up comic, was spotted hopping in her 911 Turbo at a restaurant in LA and looks very put off by the photographer. Maybe because you can see her every day on TV so a paparazzi picture is a bit excessive.

Ellen also has a Porche 911 Targa 4, which is a glass roof convertible model available in the 997 generation 911s. If I had Ellen’s money, I would definitely have a glass roof 911 Targa in addition to the obligatory Turbo that I would buy the exact moment the lottery money was deposited into my account. The 911 Targa has a dealership rear plate, so it could be a loaner. Let’s review. Ellen drives several Porsches, including a 911 Turbo and is married to Portia De Rossi (check the video below for a better joke about that than I can make). If you’re a straight man you’re either extremely jealous or your life has turned out extremely well.

Here’s Ellen talking about how much she loves driving and loves driving fast, so it sounds like the Porsche gets to stretch its legs a bit.

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Fun fact: Ellen actually did the now hackneyed airline food joke way back on her 1996 stand-up CD Taste This and her version is actually funny.

*If you do, in fact, have Porsche 911 Turbo, I apologize for the mistake. Also can I drive it?


Images via Celebrity Cars Blog.