European New Car Incentives For October 2009

For October 2009, there are some pretty good deals available out there on European cars and trucks. Volkswagen is offering the best incentives out there, with 0% financing on all of its cars and SUVs. Even the luxury makers BMW and Mercedes are offering some great incentives on their new vehicles.

BMW is going a strange route with its October incentives. Instead of trying to pump up sales of its worst cars, it is offering the best new car loan deals on its most exciting vehicles. The 335i sedan, X3 SUV and M3 sedan, coupe and convertible are all available with 0.9% financing this month. The M6 coupe and convertible are also available with 0.9% car loans, and BMW will make your first two auto loan payments.

Mercedes-Benz is offering 1.9% car loan financing on its smaller vehicles. The C-Class, M-Class, SLK and GLK are all available with the low interest rate car loan incentive.

With more expensive cars and SUVs like BMWs and Mercedes, a low interest rate car loan could be a much bigger savings over the life of the loan than a few dollars off the price. If you’re shopping for a high-end car, make sure you shop around and get the best interest rate you can. Even if you don’t need to pinch pennies, you should never pass up a chance to save money, and getting a low interest rate auto loan could save you thousands.

2010 BMW M6 picture

BMW will make the first two of your car loan payments if you buy a new M6 this month.