American New Car Incentives For October – 0% Financing For Everyone!

October is a good month to be a car shopper. If you’re going to finance a new car in October, you should definitely check out what the domestic automakers have to offer. All three of the American car companies are offering 0% interest car loans on most of their models.

GM is offering 0% financing on new 2009 models on five different Cadillac models, 10 Chevrolets and three GMCs. The Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra twins along with the Chevy Corvette and Cobalt are all available with no interest financing.

Ford has 11 different cars and trucks this months being offered with 0% financing, along with five Lincolns and four Mercury models. The F-150, Mustang, Focus and Flex are all available this month with no interest financing, so no matter what you need in a vehicle, Ford can satisfy your new car needs.

2010 Ford Mustang picure

The Ford Mustang is available during October with a 0% interest car loan.

Chrysler has the fewest number of cars and trucks on sale with 0% financing. Three Chryslers, eight Dodges and three Jeeps are being offered this month with no interest auto loans. Unfortunately, Chrysler isn’t offering its most exciting vehicles under the promotion. Neither the Wrangler nor the Challenger are available with no interest car loans, but the one bright side is that the Ram is.