Felix Baumgartner Drives a Ford GT When He Isn’t Jumping From the Stratosphere

When Felix Baumgartner was getting ready for the Red Bull Stratos, where he broke the speed of sound in nothing but a space suit, set the world record for a manned balloon flight and BASE jumped from the stratosphere, he drove what any self respecting awesome guy would drive, a Ford GT.

It’s not clear, or really pertinent, whether Baumgartner has a house in the United States (and thus would probably have a car, making the 550-hp Ford GT most likely his) or if he borrowed the car, possibly from his employer, Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of Red Bull, who also seems like the kind of awesome guy who would own a Ford GT.

I got to participate in the Red Bull Flugtag in Miami this year, so I’m just like Felix Baumgartner. We could probably hang out, we’re both adventurous dudes, but it would be no big thing. I’ll probably run into him one of these days, since we run in the same circles. It’ll be a nonchalant kind of deal, just two cool cucumbers being cool and doing cool guy stuff. And hey, if he says he needs a place to stay for the night, maybe cause his suaveness didn’t work on the ladies that night, he can stay on my couch. I wouldn’t give up the bed for him though, that would be desperate. I would, however, make French toast in the morning, using eggnog and Bailey’s. It would probably be the start of a lifelong friendship.