Wreck City – Tyga Crashes His Lambo

Tyga crashed his Lamborghini Aventador on Saturday December 15. It’s apparent the Lamborghini went off the road, but Tyga didn’t offer any more information on the wreck than that he was OK. Despite going down a hill over some pretty rough terrain, the car didn’t roll, so I’m assuming the crash wasn’t at super high speeds. More likely Tyga stomped the gas to show off or pass someone and lost control of the car when its 690-horsepower V12 engine kicked in and ended up unable to keep it on the road.

No, that isn’t an Aventador that had a  flux capcitor installed and travelled back in time to be featured in an olde timey photograph, Tyga showed off his crashed Lambo on Instagram.

I don’t know much about driving Lamborghinis, about as much as all the people on twitter insulting Tyga’s intelligence (and in a lot of cases, unintentionally their own) for crashing a 700 horsepower car. Jalopnik deserves derision for this too, they bring in a professional driver to test fast cars so that they don’t crash them and then talk smack when someone else crashes one. That’s like hiring a professional to run with the bulls in Pamplona for you and then insulting people’s running abilities when they get trampled. 

I’ve never had the opportunity to try to control 700 horsepower in a 3,400 lb car outside of videogames where this crash would result in no damage to the car but a sweet stunt bonus, but I would love to be in a position to try, so instead of hating on Tyga for living my dreams (jealousy is never flattering guys), I respect him for having the humility to show his embarrassing wreck. 

In case you ever wondered: If you play Rack City (link possibly NSFW due to language, adult situations, violence and thick bootys) over and over on a juke box in a bar, the bar staff will turn the Jukebox off completely.  I’ve tested this multiple times, but only had the courage to demand my money back once.