Neil Patrick Harris’ Toyota Prius Will Be Shuttling Him to the How I Met Your Mother Set for another Year

Neil Patrick Harris drives around in a Toyota Prius. Patrick Harris’ Prius should help him avoid paparazzi, even in Beverly Hills, since there are a million black Prii in every city. His anonymous Prius will also keep the Paparazzi from running out into traffic and getting killed, like the photographer who was trying to get shots of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari recently.

Neil Patrick Harris originally got famous for being Doogie Howser, MD, but his adult career took off with How I Met Your Mother, the show that has been telling the story of how Ted (played by Josh Radnor, not NPH) met his children’s mother for eight seasons so far.

According to, we get another season before we find out who Ted’s kids’ mother is. I’ve always thought it would end up being Victoria, she is probably his cutest of his former girlfriends (an important consideration for a mate) and since she made a brief comeback this last season, and it’s still possible that she will leave her other boy and decide Ted is the man for her. The writers were planning on ending at the end of the eighth season, so hopefully they don’t run out of ideas during the extra year’s worth of episodes.


Images via Celebrity Cars Blog.