Ford Shutting Down 10 Assembly Plants

Ford is in the process of shutting down 10 of its assembly plants in North America until the week of January 12, after which eight of the 10 will resume production. 

"All but two of the active plants will resume production the week of Jan. 12", Ford spokeswoman Angie Kozleski said.

The company also announced that all North American assembly facilities will be closed during the week of January 5 except for a plant in Dearborn, Mich., which makes the F-150 pickup, and a factory in Kansas City, which also makes the F-150 pickup, as well as the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner small SUVs, reports Auto Week.

The shut down is part of a plan to trim Ford’s production output by almost 38 percent to only 430,000 vehicles. CEO Allan Mulally knows that if production cuts aren’t made, the snowball effect that would happen to the company would be devastating. Whether or not these shut-downs will continue to extend into the coming year remains to be seen.