Despite Bridge Loans, Two More GM Plants Shut Down

Tomorrow is the end of the line for workers at General Motors’ Moraine, Ohio and Janesville, Wis. assembly plants. Merry Christmas! You’ve just lost your job.

That’s what 1,080 GM employees at the Moraine plant and 1,200 workers at the Janesville plant are struggling with this holiday season. Although the Janesville plant will stop making SUVs on Tuesday, the plant will stay open until June to make trucks along with Isuzu, but only about 50 workers will remain employed for that, reports the AP.
The Moraine plant also made SUVs, but GM’s financial trouble has caused the automaker to close factories, among other cost-cutting measures, during a restructure that is required for the company to receive $9.4 billion in loans from the government.
The Janesville plant has been operating for 80 years. The Moraine plant’s closing will end a history of GM manufacturing in the Dayton area that dates back for most of a century, reports the Dayton Daily News. The 2,280 GM employees who will lose their jobs tomorrow are only a fraction of the 11,000 total U.S. workers GM has laid off so far this year.
Not even a government bridge loan bailout of the automotive industry can save these workers’ jobs.