Jaguar and Buick are Most Dependable, Says J.D. Power

J.D. Power and Associates released the results of its 2009 Vehicle Dependability Study Thursday and Buick tied Jaguar as the most dependable brands. Rounding out the top five were Lexus, Toyota and Mercury.

Buick improves from a sixth-place ranking in 2008, while Jaguar improves from 10th place.
Jaguar XK

Jaguar vehicles are the most dependable, according to J.D. Power and Associates.

The study measures problems experienced by owners of 2006 model year vehicles. The data below shows the rank of brands and the number of problems per 100 vehicles each brand experienced. It also shows J.D. Power and Associates’ pick for the top model in each segment.
Buick Lucerne
Buick tied with Jaguar to take the honor as the most dependable brand.

       2009 Nameplate Ranking

  Problems per 100 Vehicles

  Buick                     122

  Jaguar                    122

  Lexus                     126

  Toyota                    129

  Mercury                   134

  Infiniti                  142

  Acura                     146

  Lincoln                   147

  Cadillac                  148

  Honda                     148

  Porsche                   150

  Audi                      159

  Ford                      159

  Hyundai                   161

  Subaru                    162

  Chrysler                  165

  BMW                       166

  Industry Average          170

  GMC                       174

  Mercedes-Benz             184

  Chevrolet                 185

  Mitsubishi                185

  Volvo                     186

  Nissan                    199

  Dodge                     202

  MINI                      205

  Saturn                    211

  Kia                       218

  Jeep                      220

  Pontiac                   220

  HUMMER                    221

  Scion                     222

  SAAB                      226

  Mazda                     227

  Isuzu                     234

  Land Rover                238

  Volkswagen                260

  Suzuki                    263



Top Model per Segment

  Sub-Compact Car

  Highest Ranked: Scion xA


  Compact Car

  Highest Ranked: Toyota Prius


  Compact Sporty Car

  Highest Ranked: Mazda MX-5 Miata


  Midsize Sporty Car

  Highest Ranked: Toyota Solara


  Midsize Car

  Highest Ranked: Buick LaCrosse


  Large Car

  Highest Ranked: Mercury Grand Marquis


  Compact Premium Sporty Car

  Highest Ranked: Nissan 350Z


  Entry Premium Vehicle

  Highest Ranked: Lincoln Zephyr


  Midsize Premium Car

  Highest Ranked: Acura RL (tie)


  Large Premium Car

  Highest Ranked: Lexus LS 430


  Premium Sporty Car

  Highest Ranked: Lexus SC 430


  Compact MAV

  Highest Ranked: Honda Element


  Midsize MAV

  Highest Ranked: Toyota Highlander


  Large MAV

  Highest Ranked: Toyota Sequoia


  Large Pickup

  Highest Ranked: Toyota Tundra


  Midsize Pickup

  Highest Ranked: Ford Ranger



  Highest Ranked: Dodge Caravan


  Midsize Premium MAV

  Highest Ranked: Lexus GX 470


  Large Premium MAV

  Highest Ranked: Lincoln Mark LT