Jason Aldean’s Chevy Suburban

Jason Aldean is a big Chevy fan. In his song Take a Little Ride, he says he’s “just ready to ride this Chevy, Ride this Chevy down a little backroad,” and the video for the song features a couple old Chevy trucks (and a Jeep, and a few other trucks I couldn’t determine the parentage of) mudding and messing around with pretty girls in the passenger seats and hard-working-looking boys driving (like the couple with the 1985 Chevy K20 in the still above).


In a behind the scenes video of Aldean’s CMT Cribs episode, the singer’s Chevy Suburban can be seen in his driveway, so you can rest assured that the name dropping in his song wasn’t just paying lip service for a sponsorship, he does actually drive a Chevy.


Country star Jason Aldean got in a little trouble this week for engaging in some extramarital canoodling with American Idol singer Brittany Kerr. The two were photographed in a bar together, which prompted Aldean to publicly apologize to his family and fanssaying he “acted inappropriately” pictures show kerr sitting on Aleadn’s lap and the two talking, not exactly scandalous stuff.

Source: NYDaily News

Image via IMCDB