Justin Bieber Arrested for Altercation With Paparazzi After Paparazzi Hits Bieber’s ATV

Justin Bieber is no stranger to automotive drama, having infuriated his neighbors in California to the point that an ex-NFL player neighbor chased him down, being arrested in Miami Beach on drunk driving and drag racing charges, and now he’s been arrested in Canada for an altercation that took place after a paparazzi hit his ATV with a minivan.

According to CNN, Bieber took girlfriend Selena Gomez to Canada where he grew up for a relaxing weekend, but the paparazzi had other ideas. Apparently Canadian paparazzi are just as rude as American ones (and just as slimy), because after chasing him in a minivan, one of the managed to get in an accident with his ATV. No details of the actual accident have surfaced, but since the person in the larger, easier to control vehicle was actively chasing the more vulnerable person on the ATV, it’s not hard to blame the paparazzi. The problems for Justin Bieber apparently come from an interaction that transpired after the accident, though details of the incident haven’t come out.