Justin Bieber’s Friends Caught On Tape Speeding Through Neighborhood, Swear At Resident When Confronted

Justin Bieber’s friends and roommates Lil Twist (whot crashed Justin Bieber’s Ferrari before) and Lil Flip are keeping bieber’s street cred intact while he’s gone by driving his cars like total jerks around the neighborhood they live in. Lil Twist and Lil Flip were driving Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari and blacked out Range Rover when a neighbor spotted them and decided to document their shenanigans.



The duo speed past the woman in the oncoming traffic lane then later are having trouble with an entrance gate and confront the woman about why she is taping them. They have more trouble and the woman seems to obstruct them until they let her go in front of them, but not before yelling obscenities at her.

It looks an awful lot like Lil Twist and Lil Flip are the ones being harassed by the woman (not the other way around as TMZ claims) when she tells them they don’t live there and obstructs them as they try to open the gates while continually filming them until one finally loses his temper and swears at her. Of course they did deserve this for driving like jerks in the beginning of the video, which they and Justin Bieber have a history of doing.

Ex NFL star Keyshawn Johnson chased Bieber down in his Prius to confront him about his driving and Bieber ran away before the football player could talk to him, but Lil Flip and Lil Twist weren’t able to escape as easily.