Keyshawn Johnson’s Ferrari Catching Prius

Keyshawn Johnson was leaving a party in his Toyota Prius earlier this week when Justin Bieber’s white on white Ferrari passed him at a high rate of speed. Johnson was so upset that Bieber was driving fast in their gated community, where kids are often present, that he dropped his kid off at home and chased Bieber down to his home, blocking the Ferrari in and attempting to confront Bieber. Without his bodyguards present, Bieber surprisingly didn’t want to start a fight, so he ran inside the house. Johnson called the police about Bieber’s driving, but this probably won’t be the last we hear of it.  If Bieber had been driving his leopard print R8 he could have hidden in the jungle or a Wet Seal store and Johnson wouldn’t have been able to find him.



TMZ caught Keyshawn getting coffee in his Prius and harassed him a bit about what he’s done to the Prius to let it catch a Ferrari. He didn’t respond, which is completely understandable and the only response anyone should have when they’re going about their daily life and suddenly have some goon with a camera shoving it in their face. Plus he hadn’t had his coffee yet so he was probably cranky. Judging by the looks of the Prius, it probably doesn’t have a corvette motor swapped in, he caught Bieber because he knew where the bad driver lived and drove there at his own pace.

Some of Bieber’s other neighbors chimed in with their opinions of the pop singer and they clearly aren’t fans.