LaMarcus Aldridge’s Car Collection Includes a Tesla Electric Car


Lamarcus Aldridge of the Portland Trailblazers is something of an automotive trailblazer himself, driving an electric car. Sure, lots of people have electric cars now, but it still isn’t a very common site, so good for Aldridge for helping push the technology forward by being an early adopter. Lamarcus posted the picture above of his Tesla Model S to Instagram with the caption “My first energy car!!! #Tesla.”


Lamarcus Aldridge seems to really love cars. He posted this picture of his Rolls Royce Ghost with the caption “My baby.”

Lamarcus Aldridge also posted this Bentley Continental GT on Instagram calling it “My new toy.”

This custom Mercedes-Benz G-Class also belongs to Aldridge. He posted this picture with the caption “Those guts!!! Can’t stop driving my new truck.”