Luke Bryan, Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year, Drives a Yellow Ford Bronco

Luke Bryan was named Entertainer of the Year by the Academy Of Country Music Awards. According to ABC news, Bryan was a dark horse in the fan-voted Entertainer of the Year and nobody really thought he would win over Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert and inexplicable perennial favorite Taylor Swift.

Luke Bryan drives a yellow first generation Ford Bronco convertible. The Bronco is the perfect car for any celebrity. It’s a convertible, so you get to be seen, which I think would limit the ridiculous privacy violations because the paparazzi will already have a million pictures of you and won’t need to scuba dive in your hot tub or skydive over your house to see you. It’s also a really cool car, and pretty unique and interesting without being exotic, so you wouldn’t alienate your fans by flaunting your wealth, even though a good condition first generation Bronco goes for more than a new Jeep Wrangler.

I have to confess I’m no fan of country music, so I was actually surprised by the overt sexuality in Luke Bryan’s Country Girl (Shake It For me) which you can see below. I can remember my mother turning off songs of that ilk (ones that acknowledge physical attraction, which should never be spoken of, only repressed) when I was younger because it was so inappropriate. Now that she’s made a wholesale switch to become a country fan and this is what she’s listening to, I feel so cheated out of all the salacious pop songs of the mid 90s.



Image via The Tennessian.