Mazda 0% Offers: A Winner for the 2011 Summer Sale

For new or late-model car buyers who thought that 0% was dead in the water, reports from this month show that customers may be able to get this kind of great financing deal from some unusual places. One of the companies for which auto financing researchers are citing 0% opportunities is Mazda. In a report August 10, U.S. News & World Report announced Mazda offers of 0% for some of its stylish lineup of Mazda2, Mazda3 and Mazda6 vehicles. Reporters added that auto makers are generally under pressure to increase incentive spending after some Japanese auto makers increased incentive spending in July.

One specific offer cited by the magazine is the 2011 Mazda2, which U.S. News & World Report found offered for 0% APR for up to 60 months, with no payments for 90 days, at an MSRP right around $15,000. This economical hatchback, which for some reason is often pictured in lime green, runs on a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine and is estimated to get up to 35 mpg on highway. Modern safety and tech features add to the appeal of this competitive small car.

Other analysts have also found that 0% is also available for a range of other Mazda vehicles in August. This includes some models of the sporty, compact Mazda Miata, a top choice for some of America’s most style-obsessed drivers (who don’t have to cart around a lot of passengers) and the Mazda RX-8, a larger sedan that retails at over $30,000. Drivers can even find announcements on Mazda 0% offers from their local big-buy store: Costco has added a blurb on the low interest rate offers on their web site in between a range of late-summer sale items, as summer comes to a close.


Like many other current 0% deals, this one expires at the end of August, so for many buyers, it makes more sense to start looking at specific September opportunities. Whether you are piling onto these last-minute summer deals or prospecting for fall, always be sure to check with the manufacturer or affiliates on what kinds of factory-direct deals you can get for low interest rate financing: if you are paying for your vehicle over a number of years, these low interest financing deals can save you a whole lot of money, and letting dealers set rates is often like throwing a whole lot of your future earnings away. Take a detailed approach to car buying, and you’ll see how much more you can get for less.