Mazda Reports July Sales

In a belt-tightening time for the auto industry, the collaborative auto maker Mazda is looking ahead to the second half of the year and reporting July’s numbers. Overall, Mazda says that sales are up  one fifth of a percent in year-over-year comparisons. The first half of 2011 found Mazda sales up 4.9% from what they were in the first half of 2010.

One of the Mazda vehicles that’s doing best in today’s market is the CX-7 SUV. With MSRP starting at around  $22,000 for the base SV trim, the CX-7 offers a 2.5L engine throwing about 160HP with a five-speed automatic transmission and front  or all wheel drive. The most fuel-efficient model is shown to get about 28 miles per gallon on highway. As far as competitive features, the 2011 CX-7 includes items like Bluetooth, navigation, automatic climate control, and more as well as competitive engineering for airbags and modern items like a blind spot monitoring system and tire pressure monitor.

In its evaluations of annual sales, Mazda reveals that as of the beginning of August, year to date sales for the CX-7 rose 20% over 2010. The similar CX-9 model also experienced a raise in sales of 12.9%. In addition, the line of Mazda5 vehicles sold well. This vehicle, something that Car and Driver magazine has referred to as a “half-pint minivan” has its own unique style and engineering that combines family space with a smaller footprint than some full-size minivan models. In a preview of coming attractions for 2012, Mazda is showing its Mazda5 starting at $19.195, offering seating for six and high-tech options like Bluetooth, and running on a 2.5L four-cylinder engine with about 157HP.

With Mazda continuing to compete in the 2011 market, and working on its own line of fuel-efficient SKYACTIV engines for 2012, it’s worth keeping this company in mind when you’re considering going to the lot for a new vehicle or a pre-owned upgrade for your family transportation. Take a look at all of the rebates and incentives available from this auto maker, as well as the best financing interest rates and local deals, to get one of these vehicles with less overall debt over time. For example, Mazda now promotes a special offer 1.9% rate for 36 months on the 2012 Mazda5, but these deals are likely to change over time and vary according to location.