New Ford Fusion Hybrid Will Get 39MPG in the City

Ford is going to stick it to Toyota and Honda. While the Japanese pride themselves by being the first to market hybrid vehicles, Ford has just released a ringer in the 2009 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Forget the new Mustang, this could be the car that helps Ford stay afoat during these trying times.

Why is the Fusion Hybrid so special? One little number, 39. That’s the number, in miles per gallon, that the Fusion Hybrid generates while driving through city-type traffic. That’s quite an impressive feat considering neither the Toyota Camry Hybrid, or the Honda Accord Hybrid can get within 5mpg of that figure. Both those models are well established in the market too.

The Fusion seems to make more efficient use of its available electric power. In fact, according to Ford, it can travel up to a little more than 40mph on electric power alone! The secret is the new, lighter batteries that now power the more efficient hybrid electric motor. The car even features brake-by-wire technology with regenerative capabilities. Impressive stuff from a struggling auto manufacturer.

Source: Road and Track