New Technical Information on Lexus’ New RX450h Hybrid Emerges

Lexus has been pretty much alone in the luxury hybrid SUV market for quite some time now. That’s OK because the company likes it that way. Lexus is now on the eve of unveiling its newest line of RX vehicles, and wouldn’t you know it, there is a new hybrid RX too. Now called the RX450h, this new hybrid SUV differs from its outgoing predecessor in a couple of ways.

First, there is the system’s new inverter, which Lexus claims is both more efficient and more powerful. Together with a new 3.5-liter V6, the RX450h makes a healthy 295-hp. Lexus has also added two new systems to the car to improve efficiency. First, there is the exhaust-heat recovery system which helps the car cut back emissions by shortening engine-warm up periods. Then there is the new innovative gas-recirculation system, which helps lower gas expenses by cutting down on gas-pumping loss.

All togehter, the new RX450h is quite impressive. How Lexus was able to develop, test and implement all this new technology within one model cycle is impressive. In the end though, it’s the consumer who reaps all the benefits of this innovative new technology. The 2010 Lexus RX450h will be in dealers by spring of next year. The regular gas-powered RX350 will arrive a bit sooner, around February. Pricing on the new models has not yet been set.

Source: Auto News Blog