Nicki Minaj With Her Barbie Pink Bentley Continental and Lamborghini Murcielago


Nicki Minaj has a thing for pink exotics. The rapper, who refers to herself as Barbie, drives way nicer cars than Barbie’s Jeep Wrangler. Minaj has a Bently Continental GT and rented a Lamborghini Murcielago for her Massive Attack video, both in Barbie Pink.

Nicki Minaj got in a fight with Mariah Carey on the set of American Idle yesterday and TMZ obtained the video. There is no actual fighting during the video, just Nicki running her mouth incomprehensibly (WWTDD has a transcript) and not even looking at Carey, just facing forward almost like she’s a robot who has been programmed to face towards the camera even when talking to someone two feet to her right.

This isn’t Minaj’s first time ruffling feathers. She was sued by the rental company that owns the Pink Lambo from her Massive Attack video for $12,000 for damages to the car. According to, Minaj damaged the Murcielago by driving it offroad (which she’d have a tough time disputing, see picture) and the company was seeking $11,589 for the damage, which makes me think there was nothing actually damaged and they were just upset about having to clean the car (and maybe hoping the lawsuit would get the company’s name in the press, but that’s just me being cynical).



Nicki Minaj in Lamborghini Murcielago image via

Nicki minaj in Pink Bentley image via