Olivia Munn’s Chevrolet Volt

Olivia Munn is the science fiction and fantasy world’s flagship pretty girl. She basically validates what younger generations have known for years but older generations have trouble believing: that girls love scifi and fantasy. Of the people who actually talk about video games in my life, I’d say that 2/3 are women.

Olivia Munn was spotted driving a Chevrolet Volt, a fitting car for someone into scifi since it uses cutting edge technology to make an electric car feasible for daily use by anyone. Thanks to the backup generator that recharges the electric battery, the Chevrolet Volt doesn’t have the same limited range and long charge time problems that pure electric cars like the Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi I-MiEV.

We can also partially thank Olivia Munn for making cosplaying cool and acceptable. Cosplaying is where a person dresses up as a character from a video game, movie, tv show, anime or other form of fiction. Thanks to her dressing up for conventions and talking about it on TV and the internet, people from world have fun creating and sharing their own homemade costumes. Here is Olivia Munn cosplaying as Chun Li from Street Fighter.





Olivia Munn Chevrolet Volt picture via Celebrity Cars Blog.

Olivia Munn Chun Li Cosplay picture for Complex via