Pontiac G8 Could Live On After All, Thanks to the Police

All this week, we’ve been lamenting the demise of Pontiac, mostly the Solstice and G8, which GM has no plans to bring over to one of its other brands. The Solstice has lead a long life, and it’s due for a refresh before 2010 anyway, so we’re not too upset about that. What really chokes us up is the loss of the G8. We love the idea of a 400 hp, rear-drive V8 that can bring four friends along for the ride. It’s sad that one of the best cars made by GM right now will be a victim of GM’s terrible mismanagement and dilution of the Pontiac name (G3? G5? Sunfire? Come on.).

Pontiac G8 burnout picture

Sunfires can’t do this.

It looks like the fate of the Pontiac G8 isn’t sealed after all. Australian Web site GoAuto reports that a deal is in the works between Aussie automaker Holden, which manufactures the Commodore on which the G8 is based, and a group lead by the Los Angeles Police, to import police cars based on the Commodore/G8. The cars would wear the Chevrolet nameplate and would be built to police specs. This opens up the possibility of a civilian version being made available, and the G8 living on as a Chevy.

This is great news for police departments, many of which have been ordering the elderly Ford Crown Victoria, which hasn’t had a major redesign since 1992. The Dodge Charger has also become popular with police departments, but hasn’t completely replaced the Crown Vic, which still sells 60,000 units annually. Holden is hoping that the Commodore-based police cruiser will take over most of those sales.

So if the Pontiac G8 is reborn as a Chevrolet after all, thank a cop.


Picture via izthistaken on Flickr.